Thursday, 3 March 2016

Personal Narratives:

This week we have been doing personal narrative writing which is about one of our favourite or special memories that we have had in our life. We have been looking specifically at descriptive language, to begin the story with a hook and paint a picture for the reader.

Small Cries of Sadness
My heart sank, my mouth froze, my smile faded and then my eyes swelled up with tears. I sat on the side of the couch as she just managed to mouth the words, "I love you child, God bless you" in dutch. The pale face figure lying in her bed made me speechlessly ill. Inside I had cars zooming around my stomache, butterflies flapping their wings and big, big, big rain clouds forming. 
My head was a spinning top going around and around. I looked down at my bright pink top and thought 'I would give anything to make Omie look normal again'. The tragic sound of silence was hardly bearable, I just wanted my happy, spiritual, loving and trusting Omie back, I wanted her pale white ghost like face to fade away into a peach like color just how I always remember. 
Then suddenly I heard it, the lively singing started, "Glory to God, Glory to God" it said. The rejoicing sound then finished.
"Again" said the pale faced woman, but then it happened, the scary sound of heavy breathing that I knew would happen started... "NO!" I cried, but it was too late. The pale face faded and instead of that peach colour, it was grey.
Omie was gone and that was it. "Is she-" I cried, but Oma didn't answer, neither did mum, neither did day, neither did Lara or Same or anyone. All that we could hear was the small cries of sadness.
By Hannah Miller

Winning my Medal
As I stand up onto the block, nervousness is buzzing all through my body, but I know I that I have to pull myself together. ‘’Take your marks, BEEP!’’ I push myself  off the block, and as I hit the water I know that I can win this medal.

Halalova and I stride into the plane and glance around for our seats. “I found them!”, I exclaimed. We take our seats and get comfortable. When the plane takes off I gaze out the window, and when we get higher, buildings become as miniture as ants, and cars are creeping along like beetles. Once we are up in the clouds I saw the ocean. Its waters are dazzling in the sunlight, and islands look like little worlds of their own.

As we get out of the the plane we collect our luggage and we head towards the car and start heading towards the dreaded Auckland traffic.

We were up bright and early the next day, ready for an excellent day of racing. Once we were at the pool we started warming up, and as usual, it was CHAOS! There were at least 15 people in each lane! We managed to get in a lane with only 10 people in it.

After warm up I had to go straight to marshalling. I was in heat 2 of 2. I was so nervous, my body was shaking all over, but I knew I could do this. My WHOLE team were there to back me up. Before I knew it the first heat were gone and it was our turn. As the whistle blew I stood up on the block and I positioned myself. “Take your marks, BEEP!” I dove into the water and the coolness of the water splashed all over me, and  wave of energy washed over my body.  The first length was over and I only had one chance. Every time I breathed I could hear my coach whistling. Every Time I heard him whistling, I put extra power in my kicks. Only 5 meters left! I gave it all I had. ‘SMACK!’ I touched the wall and a wave of relief washed over me. I looked up to the board that had our names on it. Next to my name it had 1.33.44. The happiness was bursting out of me! I broke my personal best and I had come 2nd!! As the 11 year old girls dove in, I knew that I would NEVER forget this AMAZING memory!!

The End…………

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  1. It was an amazing swim you will never forget!!