Monday, 25 April 2016

Wall Display

As a class we have created an ANZAC wall display. Each of us completed a poppy to make a class wreath as well as crosses which we were able to decorate. Work from our homework and other poems or writing pieces have been added to this as well. We are looking forward to continuing this next term.

So You Think You Know?!

On our last day we played 'So You Think You Know?!" where we worked in home and base teams. The object of the game was to learn and recap as much information from John Langma, the Art Gallery visit, work in class, homework and more facts about the different wars New Zealand has been involved in. We had a lot of fun and it was interesting to see how much information we remembered and could learn in teams.
Congratulations 'The Incredibles' you did a wonderful job!

ANZAC Projects

We have put together all we have been looking at over the term with World War 1. Students were asked to plan a display which demonstrated their understandings of and aspect of the War. Next term students will do writing pieces on these projects and develop these further.
Have a look at what we created and all our hard work getting these ready before the end of the term.

Chinese Drawings

We have been looking at counting in Chinese as well as learning simple phrases and now how to write words. We used this special paper and paint brushes which looks like we have written in ink when water is used. Have a look at some of our work...

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ex-Serviceman John Langma

On Monday we had the privilege of having John who fought in the Vietnam War to speak to us as a Senior Hub. Not only did John serve in the Vietnam War but he also lead the R.S.A in Oamaru. John brought along some of his personal treasures from his Grandfathers and we were able to see items from the Vietnam War, World War I and World War II. We learnt about his endeavors in the jungle, with pet monkeys, crossing python snakes, his fellow friends and what it was like returning from the war. He was an amazing man and one which we enjoyed learning about, we hope to use all he has taught us in our writing pieces coming up.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Trip to the Forester Gallery

Wednesday 13th April we packed up and left school at 9am to walk down to the Forester Gallery. There we were met by Liz King from the Forester Gallery and Chloe from the Oamaru Museum. Chloe brought a selection of WW1 items where we learnt about how the soldiers used them, felt how heavy some of the equipment was and even saw a celebration dress which would have been worn by a women back home in the colours of the France flag. We will do writing pieces about our experiences and what we learnt, have a look at some of the items which were discussed with us...