Thursday, 26 May 2016

Andrea's Visit

Andrea came to visit the class and kept us engaged as we learnt about a range of rocks which have come from across the country. We were able to ask questions and learn about all 3 types of rocks. We will be able to use what we have learnt to add to our vocabulary charts as well as our science books. We questioned and observed like Scientists and had a lot of 'wonderings' answered.

Initial Thoughts

Around the room was based a range of questions to do with different types of rocks and aspects we will cover in class. We will add to these findings as we learn about the different information and be able to see how much we have learnt.

Rock Unit

Our science table is now in action! It includes a range of rocks from Antarctica, Africa, Oamaru, the North Island and more! We have a range of 'wonderings' and we will spend time observing the different rocks we have. Thank-you to everyone who has brought something to contribute!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Completed Dot Art

These pieces of art are now laminated and on the wall for everybody to admire! The students have worked hard and it has definitely paid off ...

The Holy Spirit

We are learning about how the Holy Spirit works in us and through us. Often the Holy Spirit will talk to us we are just always 'too busy' to listen. We spent some time listening to the Holy Spirit in what he had to say about us, some of us got words, some got pictures, others had a song and even were spoken through scripture. Words like helpful, ready to help people, pictures of water, flowers, gifted, caring even people of honour.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Amazing 'The Piano' Writing...

The Piano
All by myself dead silence surrounds the room. No light besides the spotlight. I press the first key and the memories fly to me. I think of my amazing wife,she died from shell shock she saw her best friend die she got a bullet to the heart. My heart suddenly my heart drops as my wife's wrinkly lips touch my face.
I remember my friend Kyle and my heart drops. He sacrificed himself for me he died in my hands the thought makes a tear run down my face. Suddenly my old, grey hands stop playing on the grand piano. 
I start playing again and I flashback to my sixth birthday when I got a toy horse. This horse was what my great Grandad had when he was young. It was hard to imagine an old man like him being young, but when I think of it when I was a kid I could not imagine me being old. I used to hop around all the time and then I see my grandson. He has his bright clothes on then all of a sudden he is sitting next to me he plays the last key.
By Samuel

The Piano Man:
The old man sits at his piano playing the same miserable song everyday, the same sad music echoing off the walls. Everyday he has the same flashback of his beautiful wife who was killed in the war he dreams that she plays the piano beside him she kisses him on the cheek then disappeared.His old wrinkly fingers continue playing the notes he could play with his eyes closed.

With his mind flying back to the day he lost his best friend in the war sadness floods through him.The Germans were so close to winning but his friend had sacrificed himself for his country, family and friends. He had died a painful death in his arms.   

The music goes slow as a turtle then fast as a cheetah.It then changes all together,this time a happier tune.The old man is putting his feelings into a piano. He has another flashback this time it is about his Grandad gifting him with the toy horse that had been passed down for many generations. He has now passed it down to hos Grandson and it never left his Grandsons side. He had rode it round this very piano just like his Grandson had. Suddenly his Grandson hopped on to the seat beside him and played the last note. The old man smiled for the first time in years.
By Seb

The Piano
There is a creak in the dusty shadows of the old room. A dusty old key plays off an old piano in a ghostly room. His fingers burn like fire against the rusty instrument. His wrinkles move like a child unwrapping a present. His long bony fingers beat like drum sticks against the piano.

He remembers a woman,her lavender dress is like silk against his frail skin. His heart becomes still as a soft kiss touches his old wrinkly skin. But then the old figure fades into the darkness, his wife gone again this man left alone at the stool of the piano.yet his fingers still play like fairies dancing across the keys.

Their is a flash of blinding light  and there is a  karkey  colour over his body. The red cross means nothing as his close friend  has everlasting rest in his trembling arms. But his boney fingers still bang hard against the piano.

The old man bends over  his spine cracking under his thin layer of skin. He opens a long blue box his back hunched over like a whale. A boy appears thin and lonely as he plays the last dusty key it seems the old man finally has some happiness in his frail cold life.

By Hannah

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Choral Counting

Choral Counting is all about working like a mathematician and noticing patterns between numbers.
As a class we have noticed a range of patterns when we count up in certain amounts. We notice the relationships between numbers and how numbers work together.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

News You Can Use... Year 6 Gospel

Gospel for this week unpacks the story where Jesus breathes on his disciples giving them access to the Holy Spirit which is what we have been given today. We worked hard to produce a fun and interesting news report which develops this gospel. We hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Aboriginal Dot Art

This week we have been learning about Aboriginal Dot Art, it has significant cultural importance to Australia. We have learnt this technique to begin producing an art piece about ANZAC and the War. We decided on a range of symbols, pictures and words which are relevant to our class topic of ANZAC. Shown below are the processes we have taken to get to our final outcomes. We learnt about re-working and crafting our pictures, taking our time and how colours can be used effectively.
Step One: Gathering Images and Pictures
Step Two: Drafting an image
Step Three: Transferring this onto an A3 piece of paper
Step Four: Painting in the block colour
Step Five: Adding detail- dry brushing, dark and lights
Step Six: Using the back of the brush for the dots

Fun with Fractions

We have been learning about how to change Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers and then how to change Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions...
We have gotten extremely good at these and are ready for our next stage in Fractions!