Thursday, 5 May 2016

Aboriginal Dot Art

This week we have been learning about Aboriginal Dot Art, it has significant cultural importance to Australia. We have learnt this technique to begin producing an art piece about ANZAC and the War. We decided on a range of symbols, pictures and words which are relevant to our class topic of ANZAC. Shown below are the processes we have taken to get to our final outcomes. We learnt about re-working and crafting our pictures, taking our time and how colours can be used effectively.
Step One: Gathering Images and Pictures
Step Two: Drafting an image
Step Three: Transferring this onto an A3 piece of paper
Step Four: Painting in the block colour
Step Five: Adding detail- dry brushing, dark and lights
Step Six: Using the back of the brush for the dots

1 comment:

  1. The Aboriginal dot art looks very effective. Well done Miss Lind and Yr 6 :)