Sunday, 28 February 2016

Jesus Colours Our World

As a class we looked at colours, lines, shapes and different designs which we thought were interesting.
After drafting our designs we were given instructions on filling the cross up with the designs and colouring them in with 'cool' colours in the inside and warm dye colours around the outside.
This is our final product! It looks amazing when you first walk down our corridor!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mr Opportunity vrs Negative Nigel

The video we have made as a class shows us about 2 characters. Negative Nigel who looks at opportunities and reacts in a negative way and Mr Opportunity who comes across circumstances and responds in a loving way just like Jesus has asked us to. In Luke 13 it says “unless you change your lives and give up your sinful ways, you will not have eternal life” we are learning to change our lives to grab at the opportunities we face and using the chances God gives us not to react in a negative way like Negative Nigel but a positive one like Mr Opportunity. 
We hope you enjoy. 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lent Wall:

Everybody worked so hard on their lent projects. Have a look at the posters and feature wall we created together. We also have a range of new lent board games which we have added to our wet day activity box! 

Lent Projects

Every student in the class has now completed their lent projects!
The Students were sent this email from 'The Incredibles' which gave them a brief to complete...
Hello Superheroes in Senior Hub Learning 2!

We hear that Ash Wednesday and lent is an important part of St Joseph's and the catholic community.
The trouble is we 'the Incredibles' don't actually know what Ash Wednesday and lent is, as well as the importance it has.

Your mission is simple...
Come up with a way of presenting to us 'The Incredibles' and your class mates about what lent and Ash Wednesday is.
What is the importance of it?
How can this be accessible for children to understand? What do people ne ed to know?

What does lent mean to you?

-Present this however you choose...
Make it interesting and fun...

Do us proud...

Zap... Boom... Bang... Pow...
The Incredibles”

We had a range of high quality outcomes and the students enjoyed presenting their ideas to the rest of the class on Friday. More photos of our finished products coming soon...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Focusing on summer and the many adventures we got to go on we wrote remember poems.
We are learning to develop our language to make it interesting, descriptive and show a picture for the reader. Some of the students managed to get their poems published! 
We will do one of these after each holidays so we are looking forward to how much our writing will develop and improve! 
If these are just the first poems then imagine how much more amazing they will be by term 4! 
In week one we wrote our mission for the year...
If we chose to accept this mission we painted our hands to have in our classroom as a constant reminder for the type of learning environment we want to create.

All the students wrote out the type of environment they would like to work in and from there we developed these 5 statements...

1. We show the 4R’s… Respect, Reverence, Resilience and Relationships
2. We show good behaviour, work hard, on task and are respectful in and out of the classroom

3. We know everybody has the right to learn, to be safe, to be treated fairly, to be heard and to be respected

4. We support each other, listen to each other and look out for one another. We treat others how we would like to be treated

5. In this learning community we do not judge and we treat others fairly, we are supportive, we are a team

All 29 of us accepted this mission and are constantly reminded of the type of decisions we need to make to insure we have a classroom where we achieve what we want to achieve

"All About Me"- Cant you spot your self portrait? Your Fact File? Your Quilt? Your Mihi Lantern? The Classroom is taking shape and looking colourful with all the work we have been accomplishing

Swimming! It's hard to believe just a week ago we weren't 'incredibly' confident to go swimming... and now we LOVE the pool!

"I have enjoyed the first 2 weeks of school in year 6. It has been nice getting to know everyone and making new friends. We have been busy swimming , learning new songs and reading, writing, maths and Religious Education. This week we also learnt about 'Ash Wednesday' and Lent. As well as this we have also been learning about the Chinese new year and even had Miss Bing come in to teach us some Chinese."
Hannah Miller

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Week 1 with 'The Incredibles'

This week was the first week in our new classroom. We have gotten to know each other very well and our new students in the class are fitting in and making new friends. We have been doing our 'Remember Poems' about our holidays and we have been working on 'Moment in time' poems about one event in the holidays using our senses.
We have had our first taste of working mathematically and using our new Maths Cafe. Everybody has sketched their own portraits, and we have made a big class quilt with our pictures in the middle.We have experienced our new jobs and reading groups as well.
This afternoon is swimming and we are looking forward to a long weekend!
Stay tuned for next week...
By Athena