Sunday, 6 March 2016

Beginning 'hooks' from our personal narratives

"It was like driving into a dessert there was nothing there.  All I could think of was just as well I was not alone." By Campbell

"Gazing at the hot scorching sun holding you in my arms.”Oh fine i’ll take you for a walk”." By Hotili

"Crash! I hit the ground, times up. My coach calls my mum they both sprint towards me, my eyes watering, the shock leaving as the river of tears crawl down down my face like a giant tarantula…" By Sylvia

"It was ice cold, I started to shiver and glared down at the sparkling white snow" By Zyanya

"I wondered why there was food, I wondered why there were decorations everywhere?" By Aedrick

"All you could hear was the waves splashing up against the rocks and the wind blowing on the trees everywhere. You could see presents splatted all over the ground and the excitement in everybody's face." By Tessa

"The waves crashing beneath the surface is all I could see. The seaweed trying to get untangled as we drove to the rocky beach. In horror I glanced around as the loud waves were pushing through trying to wash us out to sea. As I tried to scream, dad parked in a safe place. "Oh my!" I said." By Eleni

"I was looking out the frosty window and I saw snow drifting down from the sky. Suddenly I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. I sprinted outside it definitely wasn’t stopping." By Seb

"I was so excited as we walked through the door. His fur was this, his tail was pounding on the ground." By Baxter

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