Wednesday, 16 March 2016


We have been writing and creating our own cliffhangers. As a class we have learnt that a cliffhanger is a way to end a story, it leaves the reader wanting more. 
We are gearing up for all of the ANZAC work which is in stall and are really unpacking how to show and not tell the reader what is happening in our stories. 

Telling: Is supplying the reader with information
Showing: Making the reader feel like they are there. Uses our emotions- it is 'evoking' the reader as they go through our stories.

The way we write cliffhangers is by using dialogue which is a conversation had between characters, a descriptive seen where we are describing the events which are taking place and creating a scene in the readers mind or we can leave the reader with a question. 

We are currently in the drafting stages of our 'Cliffhanger' stories and will publish these next week. 

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